Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Planning Their Wedding

Wedding planning is fun, exciting, frustrating and stressful.  For me, wedding planning was just another battle I fought alone.  He didn’t care about any of the details; he barely cared about the important parts.  His only real interest was getting married in a Church, mostly because it’s what his mother wanted.  He cared very little about anything else; least of all, who would be standing next to him.  I take that back….
He cared about walking his mother down the aisle at all costs.  She downright demanded that he walk her down the aisle, and when we (rather when I) suggested otherwise, she refused to walk into Church with anyone else.  Unable to deny his mother and always concerned for HER feelings, he fought until he got what he wanted.  There is nothing he wouldn’t do to make her happy.  He was content to hurt me and my feelings, so long as he didn’t hurt hers.  I should’ve known then that the woman he really wanted to marry was his mother.  They should have walked up the aisle and right back down together.
The woman never contributed, she just made her demands and complained.  She complained that the Church and hall were too far and her friends would get lost.  She told us to put her and her family up in a hotel for the entire weekend before the wedding, so that she wouldn’t be late.  She replaced everyone in the wedding party on my side with her family.  She even told her granddaughter that she would be my flower girl, and told me to go buy her a dress.  I already had a flower girl, but she didn’t care.  Like her son, all she cared about was herself.  It was her party, and I was just picking up the tab.  It wasn’t my special day, it was theirs.  And just in case I forgot, his siblings actually had the nerve to tell me that on my wedding day.
We’ll come back to that story later….

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  1. Hi Sabrina.. Is he the only son in the family? Coz i am going thru almost the same insane stuffs but have yet married this man. I am looking to read your whole blog before i come to a decision. The wedding is in 3 months time and we had been together for almost 2 years! I am so lost which is why i have begun searching for help or the least, some form of guidance to be able to make a final decision! Appreciate if i could mail you instead. Do drop me a mail at