Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beginning (or more appropriately, the END)

It’s funny how just when you think you have everything figured out; life steps in and takes it all away.  Maybe you thought you had everything you wanted because you were too afraid to realize you had nothing at all. 
No one played it safer than I did.  There’s not a person more cautious, responsible, or thoughtful.  I did everything the way it’s “supposed to be done” and I got screwed.  So much for tradition and values, in the end the path my life took, wasn’t my decision at all.  I could only stand by and watch it happen, and reflect on where it all went wrong, hence the point of my blog. 
I hope that the Greek tragedy that has become my life holds lessons, and perhaps less suffering for someone else.  I also hope that this reflection will help me understand what I was too blind to see, and maybe find some laughter in all this pain.  If you think My Big Fat Greek Wedding was insane, wait until you follow my road to the altar.  It’s so sad that it’s actually pretty funny…..

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