Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Murphy's Law

Some people believe in omens, the evil eye, and so many other superstitions.  I think I did too, until now.  The truth is, there are signs around us all the time, and we interpret them to suit our own needs or feelings at the time. 
The theme of my wedding, and the summer that preceded it, was Murphy’s Law. Everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong.  There were signs everywhere telling me something wasn’t quite right.  I’m an event planner; I know things go wrong, so I shrugged it aside.  I let myself believe others when they told me, “These things happen to everyone, it’s not a sign.”  Maybe they were right, maybe it wasn’t a sign.  Maybe it was me interpreting these normal calamities as bad omens because somewhere I knew something wasn’t right.  At the time, I didn’t know what was really wrong. Every relationship requires a leap of faith and trust in the other individual involved.  I realize now there’s nothing I could have done to get him to admit the truth.  You can’t make someone be honest with you if they can’t be honest with themselves first.  I didn’t know the truth then, and I don’t really know it now, but it doesn’t much matter anymore. 
Here are just a few of the signs I interpreted as bad omen or bad luck, but in reality, it’s just life.  You apply whatever meaning you want to “signs.”  Sometimes you hit the mark, and sometimes the dart hits the wall.  The point is, don’t be alarmed if any of these happen to you as you plan your wedding….they’re really not bad omens; they’re just part of a good story now :)
  1. My dress came in the wrong size….though the bridal shop insisted I had simply “gained weight”....well, after one week of not eating after surgery guess who proved them wrong!
  2. My veil arrived in the wrong color and style.
  3. My dress was tightened instead and busted at the seams two weeks before my wedding.
  4. The wedding planner quit 3 months before the wedding and moved to another state (he must've seen the signs too, lol)
  5. The rings were incorrectly inscribed.
  6. My engagement ring broke.
  7. My MOH…..well she’s another story.
You’ll have to keep reading for the remaining signs!  Yes, these are just the small details.  There’s much more to this story than these seemingly meaningless mishaps that are mere mole hills compared to the mountain I was about to crash into...I know, I'm a tease!
**Note: Signs 1-3 can be attributed to a crappy dress shop I will not mention….but their initials are BR :)

A few examples of Murphy's Law: (images courtesy of Pinterest)

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  1. I don't believe in bad omens either. I do believe that things happen, then other things happen that make sense of the first set of things that happened. I feel like my life is one big prophecy being fulfilled. I find it fun to think like that and it makes me feel closer to God, without sounding blasphemous, it is like I am Jesus fulfilling the Old Testament. However, if I was getting married and all that happened to me I would have been freaked out. I am glad you can laugh about it now!